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Lucy Hale is wearing the girliest San Francisco Giants hat ever: white canvas with faded pink and green letters. From underneath its brim comes a smile as bright as a porch light, the flutter of long lashes and saucer-size green eyes. Unquestionably a star’s face. The outfit, however—white T-shirt, baggy sweats, purple and green Nikes—is that of your basic 24-year-old. As we line up for ice blendeds at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the Toluca Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, Hale smiles, shrugs and lets it be known that anyone who was expecting a pair of jeans with one cheetah-print leg and one black should know that she and Aria Montgomery, the trendsetting lead character she plays on ABC Family’s teen drama Pretty Little Liars, don’t share a fashion agenda. “Aria is eclectic, quirky and weird,” Hale says. “I walk around in my gym clothes and my baseball cap.”
Hale, who grew up in Memphis, will tell you she’s always hearing she has a “small-town vibe,” and it is in full effect here at the Coffee Bean this afternoon. On PLL she plays the artsy girl in a popular clique looking for the killer of one of its members, but if Hale’s own life were made for TV, her role would be that of the pretty girl who happens to also be the nicest. She nods earnestly as she debates almond vs. soy milk with the cashier, and chats with an elderly man at the cream-and-sugar station. “Creepy fan” seems like a reasonable guess, but Hale’s eyebrows raise innocently against such suspicions. “He’s just being friendly. And he doesn’t know me,” she says. She does not say, “He doesn’t know who I am.” After only 10 minutes in Hale’s company, it is obvious that even if she wins an Oscar (her “ultimate dream”) or if the country album she’s just finished (her major-label debut, on Hollywood Records, comes out this fall) goes quadruple platinum, such arrogant phrasing will never escape her lips.
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