2013-06-06 | 23:36:00 | Intervjuer/Artiklar

Lucy om säsong 4!

ET Online: "Does the Ezria breakup stick?" 
Lucy Hale: "Aria does her own thing this season. She's dating, she's meeting new people, she falls for a new guy and that's good -- I think she needs to live a little. Aria's too young to be tied down." 

ET: "The finale made everyone question whether or not Ali was really dead. Where is Aria's head at?" 
LH: "Aria thinks they're all crazy. Ali's dead. She knows Ali's dead. So she's trying to keep the girls grounded [but] as the season goes on, Aria's eyes open more to certain things." 

ET: "What was your reaction to finding out [what's in the trunk]?" 
LH: "Disgusted. It's shocking, to say the least." 

ET: "What are you excited for fans to see this season?" 
LH: "Oh man, a lot goes down. This season, the whole town has a secret -- especially the parents. You can't trust anyone." 

ET: "And what can you tease about the Halloween episode?" 
LH: "I just read the Halloween episode that takes us to Ravenswood, and I have to tell you, that is the most shocking episode we've ever done, I had chills reading it. There's so much in the Halloween episode that will make people really unhappy. But it's so good. You're actually going to die, it's so good."


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